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One of Seoul’s favorite fashion and nightlife blog veterans, CHAD CHAD is leaving his home of 4 years for London this month. We’ve been secretly following his blog for awhile now and have always appreciated the access he’s provided to a side of Korea most westerners don’t normally get to see. image


Here’s a round-up of his most recent behind-the-scenes coverage of Seoul A/W 2011 in which he both photographed and modeled in.


Designer Dong Jun Kang's most recent D.GNAK collection, also shown during London fashion week, contained a lot of rolled-up pants, corduroy in particular, each paired with a New Balance hiking style sneaker. Like the recent General Idea collection, navy, red & mustard were predominant colors paired with brown & found in duffle coats & long knit cardigans. The leather hiking backpacks with the D.GNAK shield logo added to the camping feel & the finale with every model in the same duffle coat definitely made an impact. 


I was a big fan of General Idea this season. I loved the sporty mix & match of bright active gear in red, navy, mustard & green. The leggings in nordic patterns or a quirky puffy jacket type material were fun & paired well with the hiking boots or colorful wingtip boots. The camouflage was also playful & almost cartoon-like in bright yellow & even pink. And how dashing did all the models look walking out of the tent at the entrance of the runway in those floppy felt hats? Very, if you asked me. 


Long time Seoul Collection designer Kimseoryong didn’t stray far from his signature neutral tones & loose fitting suits this season, but that’s not a bad thing. He continues to make very wearable suits that at times seem almost one size too big but which have such pleasant movement and softness to them when seen coming down the runway. Of course there were a lot of browns & olive greens, even a deep midnight blue tuxedo style suit with a black lapel found in this collection. But the pop out colors that really stayed in my mind were a bright orange & a powdery blue, especially when found in thick woolen knits. 


I was very happy to be one of the main models for the Jehee Sheen FW 2011 show this season. It was a monochromatic black & grey collection with strong military influences as seen in the hats & even in the 4 by 4 marching finale which created a grid of pale faced models lining up & down the runway. I loved the soft, leather boots which came in black & white in both smooth & quilted patterns like a few of the outfits. Woven circles reminiscent of fossils adorned a few of the pieces and leather was seen in a lot of the jackets. Very dark, very strong, very cool. Take a look at the teaser video for the show:


This is the first collection I’ve seen by Korean designer Cy Choi, who debuted his label for S/S 2010. This years theme of ‘Inosculation’ refers to the natural phenomenon in which trunks or branches of two trees grow together, which could be seen in the interwoven plant pots containing lightbulbs that were haphazardly strewn over the entire runway. The runway choreography was almost painfully boring to watch as it had the flood pant wearing models slowly walking in repetitive circles around the catwalk. On the other hand the plaids & flannels used on jackets or lapel detailings in the show were a nice touch as were the fedora/bonnet mash up hats most of the models wore. 

Photo and Writing by Chad Burton


Thanks for keeping it interesting Chad Chad!

<3 RP 

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